I mean, I would kill someone. If I had to. If someone's life was in danger or something...

Ruby Tucker[1] is a Renegade who bleeds rubies.

Early Life

One night, Ruby and her brothers were playing hide-and-seek. Ruby hid behind a grate on their fireplace and happened to find a little bag full of rubies that had been tucked up inside the chimney. She didn't know what to do with them so she put them back.

A few months later, when Ruby was four years old, Ruby's house was raided by a villainous gang, the Jackals. While the Jackals were threatening Ruby's father, she ran upstairs to the fireplace and to the fireplace and took out the rubies. She ended up swallowing them in one fell swoop to prevent the Jackals from finding them. However, one of the Jackals saw her do it.

He grabbed Ruby and started demanding that she coughs - or vomit - them up. Ruby didn't do it so the man stabbed her. Ruby was stabbed once in the arm, twice in her chest, and once in an area close to her stomach. The Jackal was going to kill her until Ruby started to fight back. She ripped off the Jackal's mask and stabbed him in the eye. The Jackals ran off after that and they never came back. Ruby has been bleeding rubies ever since then. Unfortunately the places where the Jackal stabbed her never healed, meaning they never stopped bleeding.



Ruby is a pale and freckled teenage girl. Her hair is a mix of bleached white and pitch-black.


Abilities and Weapons

  • Hemo-Transformation: Ruby can turn her blood into gem-stones, which are usable as weapons. Her favorite weapons are her bloodstone grappling hook and wire.[1]


  • Ruby's alias is an inside joke between her and her brothers.


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