Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Ugh. Stab me with an egg beater.

Nova Artino, also known as Nova McLain, Nightmare or Insomnia, is an Anarchist.

She, alongside Adrian Everhart, is one of the main protagonists in the Renegades trilogy.

Early Life

Nova Artino was six years old when her mother, father and baby sister were killed by a hitman who was sent by the Roaches, a gang that her father had previously worked for. Her hate for the Renegades spawns from this ordeal when the Renegades never showed up to save her or her family. Her uncle, Ace Anarchy, found her when the Renegades didn't. Ever since this ordeal, Nova has been unable to sleep, because when she tried to, she imagined the shooting all over again. This later leads her to stop sleeping altogether. She claims this is her superpower instead of her real one (the ability to put people to sleep) during the Renegade trials, and uses the alias, Insomnia, as a reference to her inability to sleep.



Nova has blue eyes and wavy black hair that cuts just above her shoulders. She has a sharp nose, sharp chin, and sharp cheekbones. Nova is half-Italian and half-Filipina. Her fingerprints were burned off to join the Renegades. Adrian Everhart thinks she is attractive.

Nova wears a dark hood and a metal face mask over the lower half of her face to conceal her identity.

She wears a bracelet that was created by her father, which holds a star, in the empty prongs, drawn by Adrian. The clasp is also drawn by him.


Abilities and Weapons

  • Tranquilization: Nova possesses the superpower to make people fall sleep by touching them.
  • Insomnia: Nova never sleeps, yet still remains mentally fit and does not suffer from lack of sleep.
  • She carries weapons which she invented herself.
  • High tech Throwing Stars: She is very handy with her tools, and often designs her own weapons, which include throwing stars that she uses against the Renegades. In Archenemies, it is revealed that Adrian keeps a collection of different types of her throwing stars in the artifacts section.


  • Nova has taken up a lot of hobbies over the years, such as knitting, bird-watching, juggling, embroidery, astronomy, etc.


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(To the Right: Fan Rendition of Nova in her Nightmare costume, artwork by Amanda Zito.)