Do you think I might be evil? Or . . . that I have some evil powers in me?

Max Everhart is a honorary member of Sketch's Team.

Early Life

Max was born with a very powerful ability which caused him to grow up in quarantine. Because of this, his parents, who were both Roaches, threw him into a river at just two weeks old. However, in a stroke of luck, Captain Chromium happened to see this, and saved Max from his death. Being invicible, Max’s abilities didn’t work on him, so he took him back to Renegade Headquarters.

From there, Max grew up in a homely quarantine, where he wasn’t able to harm any other prodigies. When he met Adrian Everhart, he began creating a scale model of the city in his home, using Adrian’s unique sketching abilities to make the buildings.



Max has sand-blond hair that curls and thick eyebrows. He is around ten years old.


Abilities and Weapons

  • Absorption: Max possesses the ability to slowly take the powers from prodigies near him. If he were to stay near a prodigy for very long, he would completely absorb their ability and leave the other powerless.
    • Metal Manipulation and Melding: Taken from his parents, Max can use bio-fusion to mix any two elements he wishes, including living organisms. He can mix carbon and compressed air pressure in space to create diamond, or mix two animals to create a beast-like creature. His Metal Manipulation allows him to shape, and levitate any creation he melds.
    • Artwork Genesis: Max got this ability from Adrian Everhart. He can animate anything he draws and can make his drawing come off the paper, although his powers aren't nearly as strong as Adrian's.
    • Telekinesis: His ability to move objects was taken from Ace Anarchy.
    • Invisibility: From Simon Westwood, Max is able to turn invisible.