From pharmaceuticals to ridding one's home of vermin, there are a thousand reasons one might have had one of my poisons, and not all of those reasons are nefarious or illegal.

Leroy[1] is an Anarchist with a knack for poison.

Early Life



Leroy is pudgy and has brown hair that is always matted to his forehead. On his face are scars and discoloration from many experiments over the years.

He is missing three teeth and both of his eyebrows. He's also always smelling of chemicals.[1]


Abilities and Weapons

  • Alchemy: Leroy experiments often in his lab in the city tunnels, creating poisons and lethal weaponns. mixing chemicals and developing deadly poisons. Poison seeps from his pores. [1]


Nova Artino

After the death of Nova's family, Leroy became a father figure for her, and he is her favorite out of all Anarchists. [1]



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