Strong intuition can save lives, especially in our line of work.

Hugh Everhart, famously known as Captain Chromium, is the leader of the first Renegades and was one of those who fought to bring down Ace Anarchy.[2]

Early Life



Hugh has golden-blonde hair and blue eyes. He had shining white teeth when he smiles as well as dimples that form. He is broad and muscled.


Hugh has a boyish charm to him that makes him so likeable. 

Abilities and Weapons

  • Invincibility: Hugh is invincible to any physical attack, as well as any weapon or extreme of nature. He is also invincible to Max's ability of absorbtion and may or may not be invincible to the power of telekinesis, as well as the abilities of any other prodigies.
  • Super strength: Hugh is extremely strong and can throw his pike hundreds of feet in the air with effective accuracy, as well as break through walls with his bare hands.
  • Chromium Manipulation: Hugh can create chromium items out of thin air which retain his own invincibility to a certain degree.


  • Captain Chromium's body is lined with chromium directly beneath the skin as well as in other parts of his body. Therefore, Nova believes the only possible way to kill Captain Chromium is to shoot him in the eye, the one place where the tip of her poisonous dart will not snap. It is unknown whether or not Captain Chromium is invincible to poisons and whether this would of actually worked.
  • Max's absorbtion has no affect on Captain Chromium.
  • Captain Chromium can drink anything extremely hot or extremely cold without feeling the pain of a burn.


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