I worry that calling them butterflies all the time undermines how remarkable of an ability it really is. Like saying, hey, I can turn into rainbows and daisies!

Danna[1] is a Renegades who can turn into a swarm of butterflies.

Early Life



Danna has long, blonde dreadlocks and burn scars from Adrian.


Abilities and Weapons

  • Metamorphosis: Danna can transform herself into a swarm of butterflies.[1]


  • As a child, Danna used to use her ability to sneak into movie theaters without purchasing a movie ticket. She tells this to Nova, asking her not to tell any other Renegades, fearing it to be against the code.
  • Danna has an irrational fear of birds, as birds are the main predator of butterflies. This could be revisited in Renegades 2, as Phobia has the ability to turn into the embodiment of certain fears.


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